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Dear Sunday Republican Readers,

Due to ongoing budget cutbacks of local freelance columnists at the Sunday Republican, my gardening columns will no longer be in the newspaper. If you have enjoyed reading my column and Q & A on plants and gardening products and have found my columns to be informative and helpful and you'd like the newspaper to bring back my columns, please click here for information on how to reach the newspaper. I'd like to thank you for being a loyal reader of my gardening columns - I appreciate it very much. I hope you have enjoyed reading my columns as much as I have enjoyed writing them for the past 12 years. See you at my Gardening Workshops throughout western Mass. and Connecticut! Happy Gardening! - Pernell

You can now read Pernell Gerver's weekly gardening column and Q & A online! Click here to read this week's columns.

Gardening questions submitted on this page may be answered through future online Q&A columns. Thanks!

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