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African Violets

Click on a thumbnail picture below to go directly to that plant, read its description, view a larger photo, and place your order.
African violet - pink spotted with periwinkle blue African violet - rose-pink edged with dark pink African violet - pink spotted with blue African violet - pale pink edged with dark pink with variegated leaves African violet - periwinkle blue with large splotches of darker blue African violet - plum purple with lighter purple spots African violet - rose-purple suffused with blue African violet - rose pink edged with a thin band of white African violet - large white flowers with a thin blue border African violet - double violet flowers with ruffled edges African violet - double pale-blue and white flowers African violet - extra-ruffled, extra-double flowers in lavender pink speckled with blue African violet - dark red, single and semi-double flowers with a white edge African violet - fully-double, small, white flowers are always in bloom on this semi-miniature, trailing African violet. African violet - Huge, deep mauve-rose-pink flowers are borne in small clusters. African violet - Deep wine, semi-double, ruffled flowers are produced profusely on this African violet. African violet - Medium pink, single, slightly-cupped flowers have a wide, glittery, fuchsia-lavender band around their edges. The face of the flower is irregularly flecked with specks of red glitter. African violet - Plum-colored, semi-double and double flowers have ruffled edges that are outlined with a thin, blue line. African violet - Spectacular, semi-double and double flowers with a frilly edge of golden-green are borne in large clusters. African violet - Deep blue semi-double and double flowers are flecked with two-tone-pink spots throughocut the flowers. The very large flowers are borne in large clusters and stand above striking foliage. Young leaves are generously spotted with cream, white, and occasionally pink. African violet - Enormous, sky-blue, semi-double and double flowers appear in large clusters. The flowers have a ruffled edge. African violet - Semi-double flowers are borne in large clusters. The pale-lavender flowers are blushed with sky-blue markings and have a frosted appearance due to silver glitter on their faces African violet - Single, blue flowers have a pastel lavender blue cast which is overlaid in darker blue, then edged in reddish purple and finished off in a very thin white edge. Flowers have wavy, ruffled edges. African violet - Lavender, semi-double and double flowers are very large and have splashes of deep purple throughout the flowers. The petals are edged with very consistent bands of white. African violet - Semi-double, pansy-shaped blooms in shades of deep, mauve-red look like velvet set against a background of deep green plant foliage African violet - Enormous, semi-double flowers are a beautiful midnight blue and edged in white. The petals are ruffled on the edges and the flowers are borne in large clusters African violet - Enormous, three-inch-wide flowers adorn this beautiful African violet. The semi-double flowers are white edged with lavender blue that blushes from the edges into the petals. The same lavender blue forms an "eye" in the center of the flower. African violet - Double, white flowers are edged with a wide band of blue, giving the flowers a striped appearance. Medium-green leaves are edged with a thin band of white. African violet - Single and semi-double flowers in tropical red are borne in large clusters. African violet - Pure-white, semi-double, rounded flowers have highly-ruffled edges. The white flowers have a thin band of blue running around the edges. African violet - Enormous, dark-blue, semi-double flowers have fluted and wavy petals. The flowers are borne in large clusters African violet - Magnificent, semi-double and double flowers are very light blue, accented by a dark blue center. Striking bands of light, reddish purple surround each frilly-edged blossom.

Like African violets, but can't decide which ones? Click here for special collections we've put together.



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