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Titan arum, also called Corpse FlowerTitan Arum, also known as Corpse Flower (Amorphophallus titanum)  RARE - to 8' or higher,  This extremely rare plant produces one of the largest flowers of any plant in the world.  When it reaches blooming size, it sends up a flower spike that reaches five feet tall or more and up to three feet across over the course of several weeks.  The flower's growth rate is so fast that it can be measured in feet over a few days.  This plant is so rare in cultivation that there are never more than a few in bloom at any one time anywhere in the world and when one does begin to bloom, it's an event that is celebrated with much fanfare.  Gardeners and plant enthusiasts alike line up to get a glimpse of this rare beauty in bloom and often travel many miles just to see this plant curiosity.  The plant grows from an underground corm that can grow to weigh over 50 pounds over the course of many years.  It produces a leaf petiole that holds a palmate cluster of leaves atop its bare stem.  One to two leaf stems emerge at a time.   This is the Holy Grail of plants.  A live plant in a 3" pot in a six-inch pot - $95 each or 3 for $270.75 - You save $14.25!




Good plant companions to Titan Arum:

Split Leaf Philodendron, also called Swiss Cheese Plant or Windowleaf
Split Leaf Philodendron

Swiss Cheese Plant
Swiss Cheese Plant

Money Tree Braid
Money Tree Braid

Supplies to use with Titan Arum:

Electra Plant Food

Stainless Watering Can

 Neem oil

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